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Te Manawa Family Services provides anger management, stopping violence, parenting, and other associated family support and education programmes and services. We work with individuals and families to develop the skills and understanding they need for a safe and healthy family life – whether living together or apart.

Through our programmes and services we support and help anyone, who is ready and willing to learn how to change and to live with respect and self esteem.  Te Manawa provides several programmes for men, women and young people, both in groups and for individuals. For more information click on the links below or contact us if you would like to register for a programme, receive brochures or to request other information.

Men Living Free from Violence This 16-week programme supports men to build a safe and respectful life for themselves and the people in their lives. The programme is for men who want to learn more about themselves, how to handle their emotions, how to value and respect themselves and others. The programme supports you to make life changes by learning about triggers for anger and stress, the cycles and impact of violence and abuse, how to build self-awareness and gain self-control, how to make the best choices, how to use tools such as safety plans, conflict resolution strategies and ‘off-ramps’, practical ways of making life changes through improved communication. It is an open group programme that you can join at any stage after an initial meeting with the facilitators.

Women Living Free from Violence This programme is for women who have witnessed violence, are in a violent relationship or use violence and abuse, and want to build a life free from violence. The programme supports women to build a safe and healthy family life for themselves and any children whether living together or apart. It is for any woman who wants to learn more about themselves, how to handle their emotions and how to value and respect themselves and others.We will support you to make life changes by learning the impacts on everyone, how to manage anger and resolve conflict, how to choose and grow healthy relationships, how to hold boundaries and keep yourself safe, how to communicate respectfully and assertively, how to keep children safe and be a good parent.It is an open group programme that you can join at any stage after an initial meeting with our facilitators

Youth and Parenting Programme  For young people aged 8 to 18 years and their parents/caregivers. This is a 15 week programme with individual counsellors for both the youth and the parent/caregiver with the option of additional support. The programme sessions focus on supporting you to Identify and work towards some positive goals, build on a family life that is safe and respectful, improve communication skills and relationships, grow self-esteem and self-confidence,deal with any issues of bullying and abuse, develop skills to manage feelings and anger.

Parents/caregivers also learn more about the needs of young people at different life stages and how to put in place practical, positive parenting skills. 

Family & Whanau Support Service  This free service is available to individuals, families and whanau where family violence has occurred. Our Family & Whanau Support Service social workers will meet with you in your home or at Te Manawa Services to assess safety and risk, provide information, support and guidance, create safety plans, and identify support people and networks. We can make referrals to other agencies for support, provide guidance with obtaining Protection orders and monitor your safety and wellbeing..

Individual Programmes for Adults  One-on-one programmes for adults wishing to deal with their anger, stress and any underlying issues. This programme will build your skills and self awareness so that you can manage yourself and others with respect. A fee is charged for the adult individual programmes.



Each programme is personal, practical, interactive and takes you through a stepped journey that supports you from raised awareness through to applying your learning to make life changes.

In each course we examine:

  • the drivers, cycles and triggers of anger and stress

  • how values and beliefs can shape choices

  • what makes healthy relationships

  • positive parenting tools

  • what is needed to grow into a mature adult

  • the bigger impact of actions and attitudes on all improved communication skills and self esteem

  • how to stay on a positive path

 Applying this learning will give you the tools and skills to:

  • gain and give respect

  • gain a better understanding of yourself and others

  • live without stress and anger



iCAN is a collaborative community approach to intervening in bullying and raising awareness of ways to safely intervene and take a stand against bullying.  This initiative has been made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Social Development’s Te Punanga Haumaru project. 

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For more information you can contact us or go to our Q&A page.

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