Our Staff and Positions available

Our counsellors, social workers and programme facilitators are well trained and highly experienced in working in the field of violence and abuse and providing support and guidance to individuals and families. They all have a strong belief in the sacredness of family and have a passion to create a heart space for the work to be done, and for healing and learning to happen together.  So call in or contact us now to find the programme/service that best suits your needs.

Our Current Staff

Men's Programme                                             Women's Programme  

Dave                                                                     Vaulette
Donna                                                                   Lynne
Vaulette                                                                 Rebecca
Louis                                                                     Shirley
Youth & Parenting  Programme                        Family & Whanau Support Service
Rebecca                                                               Rebecca
Lynne                                                                   Shirley
Anti Bullying Project
Sarah - Coordinator                                                                             
CEO                                                                    Kyley
Practice Manager                                              Dave
Administrator, Feilding site                             Shelley
Administrator, Palmerston North site             Sharon


Positions Available at Te Manawa Family Services 

There are currently no positions available at Te Manawa Family Services.


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Feedback from Men's Programme

"The programme has been great. I have set my goals, made some changes, and now intend on continuing to change to achieve my goals of being a good partner and role model. I don’t know how you could improve the programme".

"I like the programme. I am coming because I want to. I am enjoying it and learning things that are helping. I’m not sweating the small stuff as much as I used to. I am a supportive parent and I am showing more respect now and feeling less stressed".

"The group is great. I am learning to be more responsible and it is being noticed. I am changing for the better. I am thinking about others more and being more caring".

"The group is good for helping me learn when to walk away from silly arguments. I am losing it a lot less now and usually that is just with myself".  

"We laugh a lot more now"


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Visit:  Feilding - Corner of Stafford and Fergusson Streets.
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