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Men Living Free from Violence Programme

This 16-20-week programme supports men to build a safe and respectful life for themselves and the people in their lives.

It is delivered in both Feilding and Palmerston North.

It is for any man who wants to know:

  • more about themselves
  • how to handle their emotions
  • how to value and respect themselves and others.

This personal, practical and interactive programme supports you to make life changes by learning:

  • about the  triggers and impacts of anger and stress
  • about the cycles of violence and abuse and the impact on everyone
  • how to build self awareness and gain self control
  • how to make the best choices
  • how to use tools such as safety plans, conflict resolution strategies and 'off-ramps'
  • about what makes relationships healthy
  • practical ways of making life changes through improved communication and self esteem

Our Men Living Free from Violence Programme supports men who want to learn how to make their home and community a safe place. You can join this open programme at any stage after an initial meeting with a facilitator.

The programme involves:

  • a one-on-one planning and goal-setting session with you and your partner, (if she is willing to attend and be part of the goal setting), and/or a support person
  • attending weekly group sessions to work through the programme's 16 modules
  • four review meetings to check your progress and whether you need other support+
  • a Family Support Service for partners and/or family.

Te Manawa Family Services is an accredited provider of anger management, stopping violence, parenting, and other associated family support education programmes and services.

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